Interior and Architectural Design Process

In Desaindua, the interior, architectural and construction process is designed in a systematic, integrated, and professional workflow. Our team in Bali consists of interior designer experts, architecture consultants, and experienced contractor.



Site Measurement and Photograph

Our team will visit the site location as well as measuring its actual dimension upon receiving the client's request. It will be easier and faster if the site has an existing architectural floor plan therefore, we can match on every corner.


Estimating Design Fee & Consultation

After measuring the site, we begin to calculate the design fee per square meter based on the site requirement. At the same time, the client is also welcomed for a consultation session.


Space Planning

After each party agrees with the contract fees, we will begin to draw a sketch in the SketchUp draft as the initial design concept.


Design Concept

Detailing the initial design concept with furniture layout and a few additional touches up rendering to make the design looks as close as possible with the actual material used on the site.


Concept Presentation and Approval

Present the design we have made to the client and ask for the client’s signing approval whether we can continue to the next step.


Budget Planning & Scheduling

Once the design until its final revisions is accepted, we will arrange a budget plan as the estimation of production and construction cost of the interior/architectural/construction project and arrange the work contract as well as a timeline schedule for a guideline.



Contract signing and initial payment.


Company Profile

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