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About Us

Founded in early 2012, Desaindua is a professional architect and interior designer in Bali specialized in creative planning, design, and construction service. As an architect and interior consultant, we do care about our client's dream and realize that we build for our client needs by integrating design disciplines into an expected design. Combining the client's dream with our ideas to become a distinct design.

In every design process, we underline the quality of the spaces. We believe the connection between spaces is a privilege in designing. Esteem the space and make it efficient.

The harmonious relation between indoor and outdoor spaces is a must. We implement local wisdom to balance the design. Sometimes, local wisdom is not just an artwork or symbol, but it has a deep and broad understanding with many ways of interpretation.

In our architecture way to transform spaces into our creative planning and make it an unexpected experience for users with the use of various material. Some people might not recognize this point, but we’ll try to explain it to our client through drawings.


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